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Left Unsaid is a VR first-person narrative exploration experience.

The year is 1985. You purchase a remote manor that was once inhabited by a girl and her father, an inventor obsessed with interdimensional travel. While exploring the house for the first time, you discover a curious machine in the inventor's study-- his last work before his death. You activate this strange apparatus and are transported to a world that is the same, yet feels entirely different. Observation of your surroundings reveals that you've been transported several decades into the past. With the machine's ability to explore time and memory, you set out to discover the truth behind a tumultuous relationship and attempt to rectify past wrongs.

Install instructions

Left Unsaid is a VR game for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. If you are using the Rift, the game requires Oculus Touch. We recommend a GTX 980 equivalent or higher for a smooth experience.


LeftUnsaid.zip 257 MB


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Wow! Loved it. Really good use of a single space to tell a story.

I had a little trouble reading some of the text but I found the voices to be quite good.

I'd like to add to Sciman101's comment, "Outstanding".

Would love to experience this 'short' as a longer narrative.

Really good! The game is well polished and the story and voice acting is well done.